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The Professional's Data Analysis
and Visualization Tool.


What is LiveWire?

LiveWire is the ideal data analysis program for scientists and engineers who want to visualize and analyze unlimited amounts of data. It supports the importation and exportation of industry standard data file formats, such as COMTRADE[1], EMTDC[2], and PTI (PSS/E). It also provides users with the ability to import and export general data formats such as comma separated variable files (*.csv) and text files (*.txt). LiveWire even provides the means to generate data from user-defined equations and import/export data from other applications using the clipboard.

LiveWire has a very wide range of advanced features not available in similar software packages. Features like smart axis and dynamic aperture controls in both the graphs and plots allow the user to easily navigate through their data. Other features like enhanced tool tips present the user with thumbnail views of data sets. The ability to save and restore LiveWire workspaces (*.lww) provide the user with a sense of comfort and security that their worksheets and imported data files will not have to be regenerated, like many other data analysis packages. The capability to generate Bitmap and Metafile images on a frame-by-frame basis, allow the user to add results and visual depiction to their reports quickly and effortlessly, without using additional software. 

Z Systems LiveWire provides the user with a very intuitive, very robust software environment. Along with the wide array of features and Z Systemsí imbedded technology, it is obvious why LiveWire is the only choice for data analysis software. Users spend less time finding their problems and more time fixing them.

Where can LiveWire be used?

  • Power quality

  • Electromagnetic transients

  • Electromechanical transients

  • Complex networks

  • Control systems

  • Signal analysis

  • Economic projections

  • Stock analysis

  • Geological fault analysis

  • Metallurgy (strain and stress analysis)

  • Astronomy (background noise radiation analysis)

  • Any discipline requiring data analysis

What kind of data can be imported?

LiveWire can import/export files that are compliant with the following industry standards: 

  • COMTRADE[1] - (IEEE industry standard for transient data exchange, power quality studies)

  • EMTDC[2] - (PSCAD file format)

  • PTI (PSS/E) - (Power Technologies Inc. PSS/E 25)

  • Comma Separated Variable - (General format)

  • Text and Tab Delimited - (General format)

Data can also be copied from any application complying with Microsoft Windows standards and pasted directly into LiveWire.


Simplicity makes LiveWire better! 

There is a growing need among professionals who require powerful easy to use tools. LiveWire fills that need with a simple robust design. The workspace is a split window containing a "navigation tree" on the right and a "worksheet" on the left.

Z Systems has pioneered the 3-step approach to data analysis.

  • Step 1
    Import your data - Data will appear as a tree item on the navigation tree.
  • Step 2
    Create your graph - Choose from any of the many graphs and place it anywhere on the worksheet.
  • Step 3
    Insert your data into the graph - Copy the data from the navigation tree and paste into the graph.

No other application makes it this simple!

Key Feature List
  • Unlimited data support 

  • Flicker free panning/zooming of data

  • COMTRADE[1], EMTDC[2], and PTI (PSS/E) file format support 

  • CSV and TEXT file format support

  • Data and file synchronization

  • Curve/Trace math

  • Mathematical equation generation

  • Interactive annotation layer

  • Printing template (complete with interactive margins, header, footer, and printable components)

  • Digital/Analog trace support

  • Theoretical data generation

  • Interactive markers

  • Interactive cross hairs

  • Interactive pop-up tool bars

  • Flicker free box/horizontal/vertical zoom support

  • Copy the components as Bitmaps and Metafiles on a frame-by-frame basis

  • Multiple worksheets

  • Multiple selections, sorting, and grouping of data in the tree

  • Multiple selections, arrangement, and grouping of components and data


  • Multiple view support (3D, Metal, Plain)

  • Zooming capabilities from 25 - 400% in the worksheets

  • Copy/Paste data support

  • NULL data support

  • +/ - Infinity data support

  • Easy navigation of data

  • Buffered internal data

  • Manual and automatic reloading of imported data

  • Focused zooming

  • Undo/Redo/Reset zoom

  • Intelligent grid support (unique to LiveWire)

  • Interactive offset controls

  • Interactive graph and trace properties.

  • Dynamic graph aperture (unique to LiveWire)

  • Load/Save workspace support

  • Data analysis (interactive makers, crosshair, etc.)

  • Harmonic analysis support 

  • No macros to remember

  • and numerous other interactive features


What's new in LiveWire version 2.3
  • New feedback support that allows users to contact Z Systems support right from within LiveWire.
  • New automated trial generation and customer tracking support.
  • New HTML support to assist and keep users updated with the latest development and version information.
  • Improved tool tips with greater precision.
  • Enhanced printing and report generation support.
  • Standardized data precision for both imported and exported data formats.
  • Enhanced details for all data file information.
  • Improved template support with modifiable data paths.


  • Improved support for legacy workspaces.
  • Enhanced equation editor with improved sort capabilities.
  • Improved trace rendering within the graphs and plots.
  • Optimized data synchronization and monitoring.
  • Improved marker and analysis support within the graphs.
  • Enhanced harmonic analysis and PNZ support.
  • Improved import support for PSCAD version 2 and 3 EMTDC data files.
  • Plus many other small enhancements to improve user interactivity and general performance.


Screen Shots

Advanced Graph 1 of 3

Harmonic Analysis

Advanced Graph 2 of 3

Annotation Layer

Advanced Graph 3 of 3

Equation Editor

XY Plot

Print Layout/Template


Download a FREE evaluation version of LiveWire!


LiveWire provides you with a very intuitive, very robust software environment. It empowers you with a wide range of advanced features not available in similar software packages. 

Download a free evaluation of LiveWire, see why it is becoming the obvious choice for data analysis software!

[1] Common Transient Data Exchange (COMTRADE) IEEE-C37.111 is fully supported for years 1991, 1996(draft), 1997(draft) and 1999 in both ASCII and BINARY and Multi-File spanning. 

[2] Electromagnetic Transients for DC (EMTDC). This format uses information files and multi-file spanning to support up to 200 channels.


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