[1] Common Transient Data Exchange (COMTRADE) IEEE-C37.111 is fully supported for years 1991, 1996(draft), 1997(draft) and 1999 in both ASCII and BINARY and Multi-File spanning.

[2] Electromagnetic Transients for DC (EMTDC). This format uses information files and multi-file spanning to support up to 200 channels.


Our experience in software design and development is primarily focused in the area of data visualization and design environments. When developing tools for data analysis, the mandate was to create functional libraries design to act as a reusable back-bone of classes. These include:

  • Visual Drawing Components for CAD
  • Graphs and Controls
  • Fast and lightweight list management
  • String manipulation
  • Array manipulation
  • Properties management
  • Graphics Device Interface automation
  • View-port and Image buffering techniques
  • Layout management
  • Waveform Recording Archive classes
  • Fast waveform rendering
  • Dynamic slide views
  • Factory techniques for serialization
  • Registry control classes
  • Tree manipulation
  • Transformation and translation
  • Fast hash maps and string indexing
  • File control and stream manipulation

Graphing Capabilities

  • Unlimited number of data Graphs can handle unlimited number of data, constrained by the computer.
  • Extremely fast insertion of data Data can be inserted by point or by set.
  • Memory/Resource management The graphs use as little memory as possible and perform memory cleanups.
  • Flicker free panning of data All curves are double buffered and can be panned seamlessly and flicker free
  • Indefinite real time capabilities The graphs maintain themselves and have the ability to run indefinably.
  • Interactive Markers Drag markers over curves to compare data values for analysis of curves.
  • Interactive Cross hair Cursor cross hair shows data value at any point.
  • Box ZOOM capabilities Click and drag to box areas of the graph to zoom in.
  • Copy graph as bitmap Copy/paste the graph into any windows based application as a picture
  • Multiple views View graph as transparent, 3D look, and Metal feel.
  • Graph borders Ability to turn on and shut off graph borders.
  • Copy data Copy/paste visible or all data to any windows based application
  • NULL data handling Null data is handled with visual gaps.
  • + – Infinity data handling + – infinity is intelligently displayed.
  • Focused zooming Zoom in and out quickly in an unlimited manor.
  • Buffered zoom states Return to any previous zoomed state.
  • Zoom to X extents Reset the X extents of the graph to the extents of the data.
  • Zoom to Y extents Reset the Y extents of the graph to the extents of the data.
  • Reset extents Reset X & Y extents of the graph to the extents of the data.
  • Intelligent Grids Grid lines are synchronized to the curve and axis.
  • Random Glyphs Used to differentiate curves.
  • Offset control Easy to use 2 button offset control for offsetting curves
  • X/Y intercepts User defined visual X/Y intercepts
  • Adjustable X/Y range Adjust the X / Y extents to view the curve at different ranges
  • Cut/copy/paste curves Manipulate which curves you want displayed
  • Invert colors Toggle between standard color schemes to an inverted one.
  • Editable graph/curve names Change the name of the graph and curves.
  • Editable curve colors Change the color of any curve or let the auto coloring decide.
  • Curve width Fully adjustable pen sizes for curve rendering.
  • Curve render style Choose from several styles of rendering.
  • Curve Multipliers Apply multipliers to the X or Y data parameters.
  • Curve Offsets Apply offsets to the X or Y data parameters.
  • Dynamic Aperture Dynamically change the aperture by clicking and dragging the scroll bar.