LiveWire Post Analysis

The software is built using Visual Studio 2017. As such, the VS2017 redistribution package is needed. Typically it will be the 64 bit version. It is recommended that if you are updating from a previous build, please uninstall the previous one before installing the new one.

A link the software installer is provided below:

LiveWire 2019

This version of the software is designed with all the current changes. The software utilizes a built in license that is free to use.

Builds organized by Date:

LiveWire_2019 (19.09.15)

LiveWire_2019 (19.09.11)

Please follow the instruction when setup is launched.



License Manager

The new builds for 2019 are now using a different license system that is hosted by LicenseSpring. Licenses are issues using a cloud service which now makes the activation portable from one machine to another. New modes of licensing include the separation of features into sub-sets enabling the activation of individual features for the product.

At this time the licensing system is installed but does not enforce any restrictions as it is still in the development stage. Once the 2019 software has reached a point of readiness, the system will be turned on. For now you can download an use the software free of restriction.