About Us

We specialize in providing expertise in the area of software design and development for research and industry. Our mandate is to provide robust, scale-able software of the highest quality. We have two decades experience with developing mature software tools specifically designed to support CAD design tools. Over that time the company has created an extensive library of support libraries that fill the void where ordinary windowing libraries leave off. These libraries are robust an extensible enabling rapid development of new CAD and visualization software for a variety of scientific applications.

Our first venture was the creation of a tool targeting post-analysis of generated waveform data coming from a world class power systems simulation software. This software is called LiveWire. The success of LiveWire led to the incorporation of our library module as the graphical foundation for the next version of the same power systems simulator in 2003. These libraries are still a fundamental part of the power systems simulator today.

We are very interested in every aspect of the development process. We offer many services from design consultation to fully customized software development. We provide a complete solution.

To receive more information about our products and/or services available to you, please send an email to zsystems@gmail.com, requesting information about our consulting services.