Waveform Visualization Tool

LiveWire is a simple data analysis program for scientists and engineers who want to visualize and analyze large amounts of waveform data. It supports the importation and exportation of industry-standard data file formats, such as COMTRADE[1], EMTDC[2], and PTI (PSS/E). It also provides users with the ability to import and export general data formats such as comma-separated variable files (*.csv) and text files (*.txt). LiveWire even provides the means to generate data from user-defined equations and import/export data from other applications using the clipboard.


  • Power quality
  • View  and study of logged process data
  • Performance automotive
  • Electro-magnetic/mechanical transients
  • Control systems
  • Signal analysis
  • Economic projections
  • Stock analysis
  • Geological fault analysis
  • Metallurgy (strain and stress analysis)
  • Astronomy (background noise radiation analysis)

What kind of data can be imported?

LiveWire can import/export files that are compliant with the following industry standards:

  • COMTRADE[1] – (IEEE industry standard for transient data exchange, power quality studies)
  • EMTDC[2] – (PSCAD file format)
  • PTI (PSS/E) – (Power Technologies Inc. PSS/E 25)
  • Comma Separated Variable – (General format)
  • Text and Tab Delimited – (General format)

Data can also be copied from any application complying with Microsoft Windows standards and pasted directly into LiveWire.

Simple to use.

LiveWire fills that need with a simple robust design. The workspace is a split window containing a “navigation tree” on the right and a “worksheet” on the left.

Z Systems has a 3-step approach to data analysis

Step 1

Import your data – Data will appear as a tree item on the navigation tree.

Step 2

Create your graph – Choose from any of the many graphs and place it anywhere on the worksheet.

Step 3

Insert your data into the graph – Copy the data from the navigation tree and paste it into the graph.

Key Feature List

  • Unlimited data support 
  • Flicker free panning/zooming of data
  • COMTRADE[1]EMTDC[2], and PTI (PSS/E) file format support 
  • CSV and TEXT file format support
  • Data and file synchronization
  • Curve/Trace math
  • Mathematical equation generation
  • Interactive annotation layer
  • Printing template (complete with interactive margins, header, footer, and printable components)
  • Digital/Analog trace support
  • Theoretical data generation
  • Interactive markers
  • Interactive cross hairs
  • Interactive pop-up tool bars
  • Flicker free box/horizontal/vertical zoom support
  • Copy the components as Bitmaps and Metafiles on a frame-by-frame basis
  • Multiple worksheets
  • Multiple selections, sorting, and grouping of data in the tree
  • Multiple selections, arrangement, and grouping of components and data
  • Multiple view support (3D, Metal, Plain)
  • Zooming capabilities from 25 – 400% in the worksheets
  • Copy/Paste data support
  • NULL data support
  • +/ – Infinity data support
  • Easy navigation of data
  • Buffered internal data
  • Manual and automatic reloading of imported data
  • Focused zooming
  • Undo/Redo/Reset zoom
  • Intelligent grid support (unique to LiveWire)
  • Interactive offset controls
  • Interactive graph and trace properties.
  • Dynamic graph aperture (unique to LiveWire)
  • Load/Save workspace support
  • Data analysis (interactive makers, crosshair, etc.)
  • Harmonic analysis support 
  • No macros to remember
  • and numerous other interactive features

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